Please get your facts straight

Having recently moved to Seaford from the Midlands I began buying your local paper and reading Keith Newbury’s Something to Say column.

It would appear that he either deliberately tries to irritate people or perhaps that is just is default mode.

Is it just my view that each week some or all of his comments and statements are inaccurate and sometimes downright rubbish.

This week a reader felt the need to correct him about the pop star Marty Wilde.

This week his piece that referred to Cameron’s cabinet, most of whom he suggested attended public school and did not live in the real world, was totally unresearched and biased toward his own cockeyed views.

Out of Cameron’s cabinet of 20, 14 attended state secondary schools. Gordon Brown’s last cabinet comprised 23 person of which just 12 were educated in a state school.

The last few paragraphs of his column this week refer to people in their sixties and started by misquoting “If you can remember the 60s, then you weren’t really there” by saying “If you think you can remember your sixties, you probably haven’t reached them yet” which to me is totally meaningless.

Mr Newbery, if you are going to continue to use your column to air your views at least get your facts straight first.


Cuckmere Road, Seaford.