Playing the divide and rule card

LESS attitude, more gratitude? (Out in the Field) Interesting play on words to reflect how many people feel about the public sector strikers.

Where does the gratitude come in to play? Grateful for having a job I would imagine.

Yes, in this day and age it is something to have a job. To have one with fair pay and conditions is something else entirely!

I’m afraid gratitude is wearing a bit thin lately. The public sector have experienced a 0 per cent pay rise the last few years and this week it was announced the forthcoming couple of years are to be capped at 1 per cent.

This amounts to the equivalent of a hefty pay cut enforced on ordinary working people the vast majority of whom had nothing at all to do with the problems our country finds itself in.

Many are accepting of this – not happy, but accepting. I believe the majority would also accept that yes, we will all have to pay more for our pensions, and possibly work another year.

The real problems arise from the fact that money accrued by extra pension savings are to be used to reduce the country’s deficit.

Are there any guarantees a future government will be able to ‘return’ all this money to the pension’s pot? No!

Secondly, they want to scrap long standing pension arrangements. Last year the Daily Mail (a right wing newspaper I might add) first highlighted the secret plan to change the public sector pensions.

Typically, it would mean staff receiving roughly a quarter of what they currently stand to get.

These ‘few years of hardship that we’re all in together’ should be rephrased, ‘a lifetime of hardship that you’re all in together’.

Our government is playing the divide and rule card. After turning minds against the unemployed and those on disabilities (apparently they’re all workshy or are faking back pain and living in castles with a butler, Bentley and private jet in the grounds) they are dividing public and private sector workers.

This Government shows utter contempt for the working man. This is apparent as workers rights currently in place after an employee has been in post for a year, are being pushed back to two years.

There are plans to scrap unfair dismissal, and after this latest budget, the institute for fiscal studies show the better off will be better off and the poor poorer!

They’re not in any way interested in fair pay and conditions for employees, and a lot of what they’re putting in place will affect ALL workers regardless of what sector they work for.

It’s not enough to be grateful for a job when for many the take home pay will barely cover the bills. Less attitude, more gratitude? I think you have this the wrong way round.