Playing politics over skate park

THREE weeks ago, you published two impassioned letters concerning the proposed skate park in Gildredge Park.

One that affected me most deeply was from the 12-year-old boy who was horrified that he and his chums were being compared to drug addicts and the anti-social in general from the Conservative leaflet put through the door.

The second was on Councillor West’s apparent knowledge over the planning procedure surrounding the skate park, she herself being on that committee, yet the leaflet suggesting these proposals would be ‘rushed through’.

I am sorry not to have seen a word from the Conservative councillors on this matter since those letters where published.

Perhaps they are now thinking more carefully what they put in print, rather than – in my opinion – arousing fears in the vulnerable around The Goffs about the proposed park for political reasons. Shame on them.

I’d like to state my own opinion – that the site on the disused basketball facilities not only has my, or my family’s and neighbours’ backing, but its only right to place it there.

Jackie Kent

Saffrons Road