Plaque will last - but still needs care

I WRITE in response to an article published on August 10, “Plea to restore Titanic Plaque”.

As the great granddaughter of Charles Godfrey Garrard, the sculptor who created the plaque, I was most alarmed to hear of Mr Goldsmith’s campaign to have the plaque replaced.

For millennia bronze has been chosen to create plaques and memorials as no other material matches its durability or beauty.

A bronze plaque will last hundreds of years but it does need a little care. Weathered or corroded bronze implies neglect!

This is the fate of any bronze plaque unless regular cleaning and preservation is carried out.

This plaque was commissioned and placed as a lasting tribute.

It is not only a commemoration to John Wesley Woodward but also speaks of the time when it was placed, the extent of which the horror of the Titanic disaster was felt worldwide, leading to so many memorials being erected across the country and around the world.

The unveiling of the memorial by the opera singer Clara Butt, who boasted such a remarkable booming contralto voice, is also so much a part of the history of this monument.

All this bronze plaque needs is a little attention from a professional to bring it back to its former glory. Bronze is forever!

Louise Southwell

Gardham Road

Etton, Beverley