Plans contradict health campaigns

I am shocked but not necessarily surprised to hear of the new proposals over cardiology at the DGH.

I feel the Trust hold the people of Eastbourne and its surrounding areas in contempt anyway, as has been demonstrated time and time again.

If you consider the ever-growing population of Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, the amount of people who visit the area and the new properties being built, we are either losing, under threat of losing or will lose essential services.

The maternity issue, the appalling cover for stroke victims (the rapid response part operates on a 9am-5pm Monday-Friday basis) and now cardiology. Whatever next?

With all the TV advertising campaigns telling the public what to do in a suspected medical emergency, one of the most common things to do is to seek help/treatment quickly and then the very people who pay for this advertising are trying to make possible life-saving treatment/equipment less available for us.

Have they also thought about the appalling weather we have had to deal with these past two winters? It was impossible to get to and from the DGH, even if you were five minutes away from it.

I hope all MPs, the public and the press stand together firmly on this.

God forbid, none of us know when we or any of our loved ones will need these services.

Teresa Chapman

College Road