Planned cycle path is too short to be of use

YOUR Opinion piece on page 6 (Herald, September 9) gives the impression that you think the new shared cycle path is to be on the lower prom.

This is not the case, as your report on page 9 makes fairly clear – it’s to be on the pavement between Duke’s Drive and King Edward’s Parade.

This is hardly the same as cycling along the prom; it’s more like a safer way of cycling along the seafront road.

At the moment, though, it is too short to be much use to an ordinary cyclist, as opposed to a child practising, and, of course, it remains to be seen how it will work with people getting out of cars on the adjoining road.

Although any provision for cycling is a welcome change on the western side of Eastbourne, I hope East Sussex will learn from other places and not go in for bitty little routes which few cyclists will want to use. London still has too many short cycle routes which disappear suddenly, have obstacles such as bus shelters in them or require the rider to dismount at intervals.

If a cyclist is going to be forced back into the traffic after being removed on to a cycle track for a short distance, it is usually safer to stay in the traffic from the start and be clearly visible.

Liz Moloney

St John’s Road