Places for People: thanks for the advice

I would like to say thank you to Places for People for taking my advice in laying new grass turfs to the verges bordering the rear of number 15 to 26 Fountains Close, it is a great improvement.

It only remains for Eastbourne Borough Council to clear up their side of the footpath, which is still piled too high with soil, and follow the example which has been set by Places for People, and then it will be a much nicer area.

Hopefully it will then incur less rubbish dumping, as is the case now.

I would also like to point out that the trees need some attention from Places for People.

I was informed they are due to be pruned in 2014, as they are done on a four yearly cycle.

I must say, I dispute this, as I have lived here for over 20 years and cannot recall this happening, and neither can my neighbour who has been asking for over 2 years for this work to be carried out.


Fountains Close