Phone saga of hacked mobile

IT was on Christmas Eve that I went to use my phone and had no line or broadband.

I had to wait until after Christmas to phone them and when I did they said that I had made calls to the value of £176.

I said to them I hadn’t made any calls.

After being half way around India and pushed from pillar to post they did give me the numbers that were called, they were all calls to two mobile phones in Zimbabwe.

Basically the line was hacked by somebody. I almost had a nervous breakdown.

There were at least 40 homes hit in Hampden Park. I went to the police and got a crime number and I’ve been to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I do hope when people read the article they will know not to worry.

I’ve had several letters and bills and all prices are different.

All the calls to people’s homes were to the same place, it is fraud and I have suffered such a lot.


Port Road