Petrol queues driving me mad

A HINT of a petrol price increase, the slightest whiff of a fuel shortage and there is a panic and a hoarding of fuel.

Of course cars have to be kept on the road; how on earth are the vultures to transport the hundreds of loaves of bread and gallons of milk to their panicking families who can’t possibly survive the few hours of cold weather.

On the subject of petrol, how can it be permissible for Sainsbury’s to allow motorists to queue to the point that they block or hinder traffic attempting to get along Cross Levels Way to get into their petrol forecourt.

Why do they allow the side entrance to be utilised when they have a perfectly adequate entrance via the car wash side of the unit?

When I questioned the manager at the store he refused to accept any responsibility suggesting that the council is responsible.

Keith King

Bourne Street, Eastbourne