‘People don’t queue any more, they just converge’

A 71-YEAR-OLD pedestrian, I walk everywhere within reason, but for longer journeys I get the bus.

Perhaps it’s being long-in-the-tooth that I find the bus-stops in Terminus Road such an enigma.

Whoever designed them has never queued for a bus because quite frankly no-one knows where the front of the queue is.

But it doesn’t really matter because people don’t queue any more, they converge.

I can be first at the stop and, if I’m not careful, last on the bus. If you are frail or have a disability hard luck!

Why do Stagecoach put the bus information on the side of the shelter where people sit: easier to see on the other side except of course not all the stops face the same way.

Nothing is simple any more!


Lewes Road