Pension scheme no longer viable

SHOULD the council pension fund be funded by the council tax payer? NO - why should we go broke just to give someone a better lifestyle than we have.

I see from the average Band D is just over £1400 a year so why are we paying more here in Eastbourne?

Those who live in a Band D property are currently paying approximately £26 per month towards the local government pension scheme.

Bill Avis and other letter writes ask who is responsible for the deficit and should the council tax payers have their council tax increased to pay for this shortfall. My answer emphatically must be NO.

Should the council tax include any form of payment towards the pensions of local government? NO

Main government should be responsible for this, they have the money - look at what they pay out to the EU and in Foreign Aid.

What legal right does local government have in making us pay into the coffers of this pension fund?

Due to the large deficits the pension scheme is CLOSED to all new employees and less pensions paid out to those already retired.

Who is responsible for this deficit? This surely must be bad management and not to be picked up by the general public by dipping into non existent funds.

We need lower council tax due to the ever-increasing costs of living. It seems the less well off are having to pay without choice into a pension scheme which is not sustainable any longer.

Like many others I did not have a company pension for the first half of my working life or, like some, the pension scheme was closed. Local government will have to come into the real world and stop taking money from those who can no longer afford it.


Beverington Road