Penalised for visit to cinema

Copy of a letter to East

Sussex County Council:

AS YOU can see we have fallen foul of the draconian and legalised theft for an apparent misdemeanour i.e. parking on a loading only area between the hours of 8pm and 10.30pm.

Forsooth, you might wonder how we might know this time so accurately, well we are a couple of old farts (60+), with a car that in all probability is older than your ticket assailant, who staggered off to the Curzon Cinema only to find that we have been penalised for daring to go out for the evening.

This activity we have been carrying out about the same time once a month for the past 19 years, with no complaints so far.

I am curious - have you actually been to Eastbourne lately, you may be surprised to know that it is not a 24-hour city, in fact it hardly constitutes a nine-hour town.

It’s true that there are a few bars and clubs and there is always McDonalds and a sprinkling of restaurants, but in fact the only activity after six o’clock in the evening is a few souls having to live on the street and some silly drunk young women throwing up and equally silly drunk males shouting at each other along with their followers the police, ambulance and paramedics.

That is it, where is the need for after hour loading/unloading areas in the town centre?

All the activity of unloading and loading is completed between the hours of 8am and 6pm and any building work being done is obvious by the presence of skips, vans, police type cones and barriers etc.

So here we have a sleepy rather insignificant seaside resort town that mostly does not work after 6pm.

Commonsense would suggest that all areas without yellow lines would be open for locals to use as parking say between the hours of 7pm to 7am so that we the residents can use the local facilities without fear.

But instead no, we live in a silly world where there is no common sense, no human kindness and where bullying if rife and where we need to pay for the pumped-up bureaucrats and chief executives salaries.

John Wyndham

Pashley Road