Pelican crossing exists because of Bespoke

Having read Bryan Farmers letter, I need to point out to him that the pelican crossing on the roundabout at the top of the Drove is there because of Bespoke, Eastbourne’s Cycle Campaign Groups efforts to secure a safe crossing for walkers, cyclists and disability vehicles, who are all entitled to use the crossing, as this is a shared use cycle path. If he had looked closely at the photograph, he would have noticed we were pushing our bikes across. Cyclists are entitled to use it.

A Bespoke survey showed that more people would cycle if they had safe cycle paths. His suggestion, that we should all be on the roads,tells me he has not tried it with children.

Our children would love to be free range kids and cycle to school on their own, but the roads are so jam packed with cars moving and parked, that parents don’t feel it is safe enough, not to mention adults who would like to cycle,especially when they see Bradley Wiggins and his coach get knocked off by, suprise, suprise, a white van driver.

If we are to meet green house gas emission reduction targets, improve health, tourism and help those struggling with the recession, what would he suggest we do?

You will get inconsiderate cyclists as well as car drivers. Correct and considerate cycling is part of our policy. A comprehensive network of cyclepaths is a must.