Pebsham ‘fall guy’

IF the landfill site is turned down, then Nick Hollington should be congratulated on the hard work that he and BALI have put into the campaign.

However, of more concern to the residents in East Bexhill and St Leonards is the news that Pebsham is once again in the melting pot.

BIFFA has already looked at possibly extending the waste site again. There is a real danger that our country park could be cancelled to make more room for waste disposal.

I have attended many planning meetings at Lewes, and it seems that the suggested sites in the west of the region are turned down and Pebsham is again the fall guy.

I would hope that our MP Greg Barker and our local and county councillors will give us at Pebsham the same support as they gave BALI in its fight against landfill.


Top Cross Road