Paying the price for this decision

THE article on Eastbourne Council putting its hands into its pockets to pay £12,000 to have a Vulcan bomber fly over Eastbourne is wrong.

The council has put its hands into OUR pockets to pay for this polluting, high octane burning piece of war machinery.

No matter how much it is dressed up as being financed by the ‘flying asset budget’ (whatever that is) it has actually been paid for by residents and I, for one, disapprove and consider it an irresponsible waste of scarce resources.

We have recently seen unveiled a long overdue memorial to brave airmen who gave their lives or, for many, suffered dreadful burns and other injuries, to subdue a powerful enemy.

So how can the council square this act of respect with the annual jingoistic sabre rattling that is ‘Airbourne’?

I dare say the council has either laid employees off, or not recruited when someone has left and spread that work on to others, over the past year.

Well, I feel £12,000 would have been better spent giving someone a job for a year than to have this war machine grace our skies for a few minutes of ‘enjoyment’.


Victoria Drive