Pavement repairs fall short of required standard

DOES pavement replacement work in Grove Road fall short of Trading Standards promoted by East Sussex County Council and naturally accepted by Eastbourne Council?

Grove Road is included in a designated area known as Little Chelsea - tourists as well as residents in Eastbourne are encouraged to explore the varying small traders who sell unique services and products in this area.

The pavements in these streets have been left in a deplorable state after essential service companies have been forced to dig up the roads to repair or replace cables and pipes underground.

Drivers of heavy duty vehicles treat pavements as an extension of road width, thus smashing paving stones, so they get away scot-free.

Pavement maintenance is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council which includes Eastbourne elected councillors.

This town has a reputation for having the most dangerous pavements along this region of towns.

Local executive council are not excused for accepting low shoddy standards of workmanship from service industries.

Health and safety and shortage of money are starting to wear a bit thin, it is a case of getting out on the streets, and just using one’s eyes and common sense.

Grove Road pavement has now been totally downgraded by the shocking replacement of black asphalt to replace terracotta bricks which had been laid in Grove Road at considerable expense.

A A Turton

Furness Road