Parkland cycling route is an absolute must for Eastbourne

It may be old hat but cycling is once again making national headlines yet in Eastbourne we see little or no forward thinking actions being taken regarding cycling in as many places as possible without the noxious fumes and physical presence of the motor vehicle.

Actions which will stand the test of time and benefit the future of all cyclists.

Whilst Bespoke often provides good argument for the general betterment of cycling conditions in the town, it has failed to strongly press for that cycle/pedestrian path alongside the railway line through the ‘Eastbourne Parkland’ (what parkland!) which is an area long neglected for general public use and cycling.

Instead we have had long standing argument for and against such matters as riding along the seafront yet before anyone can ride a cycle in such areas they first have the need to get there, avoiding both parked and moving vehicles!

I am aware that the County Council has at last agreed to consider the possible provision of a route for pedestrians, including invalids as well as cyclists through the parkland, having many times written in an effort to coerce concrete action in the matter.

However, consideration is not enough. There are some of us who can remember such a consideration being in council minds over forty years ago; and latterly there has been a consideration to get developers funding such an idea which for various reasons fell through.

Any excuse for failing to provide for the cyclist is worn so thin that it surely cannot be acceptable for those responsible not to at last act.

The complete adoption of white lines on all roads to safely assist cyclists is an impossibility due to the presence of the motor vehicle both moving and stationary as well as the layout of many junctions never having been made with cycling in mind.

That parkland route is an absolute must so I say to those on our responsible newly elected council, no more excuses or prevarication; time to get the job done .


Meadowlands Avenue.