Parking was tea rooms’ downfall

I read with interest your article about the Pevensey Tea Rooms (Herald, September 16).

We at the Beachy Head Brewery used to supply bottled conditioned beers to the tea rooms, which appeared to be very profitable.

We were contacted last year by the tea rooms to say they were closing down almost immediately as their turnover had suddenly decreased by around 90 per cent.

Having travelled to the tea rooms to pick up stock left over, we were told they believed the sudden downturn in business was caused by the removal of the free parking area between them and the pub – a gravelled area that had been tarmaced over and some planters positioned to prevent vehicular access. Parking was still available at the pay and display.

One must assume the average tea room visitor does not like paying for parking. Very sad for the people running the tea rooms at the time.

Roger Green

Central Avenue