Parking scheme is a charade

My family has lived at Marine Parade for the past 25 years.

We have paid our taxes, council tax and done our bit for the community.

We have also been lumbered with a £25 parking permit which does not guarantee us a parking space.

So what is ESCC going to do for me and the other residents who live in this area?

Absolutely nothing I suspect!

All the council seems to care about is making money and to hell with anyone who is unfortunate enough to live in this area.

I think the scheme is an absolute charade. Where on earth do you expect me and other residents to actually park?

Here is one for you. How about us residents with a parking permit for S Zone being able to park free anywhere on the seafront as you have already done us out of £25 for the year.

We are not holidaymakers or day-trippers, we are here 24/7 and have to put up with this disgraceful pantomime.

F. RUSH, Marine Parade.