Parking consultation has been a sham

The recent crop of letters in the Herald and Gazette expressing concern and anger at the impending imposition of yet more parking restrictions in the town chimes in with the views that Eastbourne Labour Party has been finding on the doorstep in the past few weeks.

As part of a listening exercise we have been carrying out in Devonshire Ward recently, it is quite clear that parking is a big issue in areas where there are few houses with garages and roads are narrow.

The Tory-run County Council have once again demonstrated, that much like their government, they have an out of touch, high handed and arrogant attitude towards the people they have been elected to serve.

The so-called consultation exercise has been a sham, hoping to disguise what is basically a revenue-raising scheme which makes no attempt to address the real concerns of residents.

As one of your readers pointed out, the almost impenetrable bureaucratic jargon used to explain exactly what is proposed would have left most people scratching their heads in bafflement, and consequently unlikely to be able to object. Of course, the Tories have form in this regard as they forced the original parking scheme on the town.

GERRY STONESTREEET, vice-chair of Eastbourne Labour Party, Staveley Road.