Parking charges are hitting town’s shops

EASTBOURNE town centre really is in a sorry state; with every other shop either empty or a charity shop.

The high streets of other local towns don’t seem to have been hit so hard by the economic downturn.

Could it be that the recession isn’t the only factor and that the parking charges have slowly had an impact on people’s shopping habits?

I, like many people I know, no longer pop into the town centre regularly for small items. It’s not so much the cost ,as the inconvenience of finding the right change and watching the clock under the menacing gaze of the parking attendance.

Instead I go shopping once a month in Brighton or Ashford and get all I need in one go. I still pay parking but it’s only once a month and the shops are better.

Before parking charges I would regularly pop into Eastbourne town centre – for example to buy a pair of socks and then end up buying a coat, but this doesn’t happen any more.

I don’t even buy the socks! If parking charges aren’t done away with it might be curtains for our town centre.


Longland Road.