Paper price rise is less than half a pint of beer

Yet another price increase, something which none of us like, this time in the cost of our local weekly newspapers. Do the local media provide value for money?

My answer would be a resounding yes, how else are we to kept up to date with all that is happening in our towns and villages, in how our councils are performing, the DGH issue, planning applications, the social life of the area and the many other matters on which our local media constantly ensure we are kept well informed.

Television and radio play a part but the area they cover is so large that the vast majority of what is happening within our local communities remains unreported by them.

What can one purchase for under a £1 these days? I think that for a cost, which is much less than that of half a pint of beer, to be able to kept fully informed what is happening in your local community does indeed represent good value for our money.

A fine example is the coverage given to the proposed changes to the services available at the DGH, the Eastbourne Herald gave great coverage to the story keeping us all well informed on the matter.


Brookside Avenue.