Packed lunch versus fast food

Annemarie Field makes a good point by lamenting the fact that students are still ungratefully dumping their packed lunches in favour of McDonalds and also blocking the adjacent pavement.

It is predominantly the German students who pack buses at inopportune times, leaving many to wait for the next bus and misbehave the most by ignoring anything sounding like the seventeenth letter of the alphabet and also their hilarious bell ringing joke (the German equivalent of the ‘parrot sketch’ judging by the fact that it has been ‘hilarious’ for the last 30 years).

I always thought that to describe yourself as a student, you are supposed to be learning.

Eastbournians have put up with this for too long. Every year these points are raised but Jürgen Matthes does nothing to educate the students that this is extremely irritating.

Indeed, the only Eastbourne businesses which profit from his charges are his own and a certain culinary emporium promoted by a Mr Ronald McDonald.

In effect, he has abused our hospitality for far too long.

Anybody who is a guest at a house who constantly (and deliberately) flies in the face of basic etiquette and politeness to the extent of extreme rudeness is, quite rightly asked to leave.

Therefore I feel that Mr Matthes and his ill-mannered charges have outstayed their welcome and should consider inflicting themselves on another seaside town and this is not a mere suggestion. I’d like to make it an obligation.

Also, a nice parting gift to the people of Eastbourne of, say, £500,000 (under £5 per student to date) would make up for all of the stress he’s caused us.

And students don’t bring ‘colour to the town’ unless you consider a blob consisting of denim blue and custard yellow constitutes a veritable spectrum of radiance.

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close

Hampden Park