Overloaded with facilities for elderly

I READ in dismay that the Beachcomber is to be demolished to become flats for the elderly.

I appreciate we have an ageing population but Seaford is overloaded with facilities for the elderly. It is also a totally unsuitable location due to the high winds from the sea most days meaning they would be marooned in the block similar to Stratheden Court.

Seaford is a lively town with good shops and restaurants/pubs-good bus/train links and a lot of young families.

I have a different view on this to Lynette James.

Why not demolish the pub and build a modern hotel?

There is lack of holiday accommodation here and we also need a decent seafood restaurant with this being an ideal location.

I fear Seaford will go into a decline if young people and families aren’t thought about.

Ellie Owen

Blue Haze Avenue, Seaford