Outrageous waste of money


From: Mike Grant

Beach Road

If East Sussex County Council cashed your council tax into ten and twenty pound notes and set light to them you would say it was an outrageous waste of public funds.

A hardly likely scenario. Yet more than two years after I twice reported to the council lots of street lights on during broad daylight in the pedestrian areas of Terminus Road they continue to shine. So they have money to burn after all.

My online reports were acknowledged and a promise was made to send in the street lighting team but no action has been taken.

What I also find odd is no council street inspector seems to have spotted the problem that I noticed more than three years ago. What exactly are they doing, walking around with their eyes closed? With two local authority nursing homes facing the axe you would expect East Sussex County Council would be ruthless in cutting out wasteful expenditure across the board. Turn the lights off in the day and take care of the pennies. The adage says the pounds will take care of themselves.