Out-of-hours coronary care unit at DGH saved my life

I have just read the article about the intended downgrade of the coronary care unit (CCU) at the District General Hospital.

Obviously the people that make the decisions on this have never had need of the 24/7 service, unlike myself and many other local people.

For the record, my heart attack started after 7pm one night and because the CCU was there for me, my life was spared.

Due to the dedication of the specialist staff and the local nature of the unit, many people can see another day dawn and their families grow up.

I believe the Primary Care Trust (PCT) should be renamed the Primary DON’T Care Trust, and leave the essential running of units such as these to people who value life.

Maybe if the trust’s senior management did not take ‘fat cat’ salaries there would be enough money to keep it open.

Just an insight, in case the PCT are not aware, medical problems do not occur by the clock.

Have you worked out how many people will die needlessly by travelling to Brighton and Hastings?

Your decisions are shameful. I just hope that all of Eastbourne gets together and local MPs get this decision overturned.

P. G. Levy

Spring Lodge Close