Our roads are like the old East Germany

I was in West Germany close to the East German border when the Berlin Wall started to come down and East Germans were venturing into West Germany and vice versa.

The different between the roads of the then two Germanys was that in West Germany they were smooth and well kept whereas in East Germany there were potholes everywhere and the roads were in a general state of disrepair and utter neglect.

Today, in my opinion, driving in the UK is worse than then driving in East Germany and the state of our roads now are in a far worse state of disrepair and neglect.

What I do not understand is why this is being allowed coupled with why the UK is cutting public expenditure left right and centre yet reduced the higher tax rate for millionaires from 50% to 45% and giving some thirty-seven billion pounds in overseas aid.

Some of this overseas aid is going to emerging countries such as in the India sub-continent and South America. Also this overseas aid, like education, is protected from spending cuts. Charity begins at home and what in the world is the UK doing giving all this money away yet scrapping current aircraft carriers and the Hurricane Jump Jet let alone reducing Police budgets and grants to local authorities.


Church Street,