Our rights to campaign

Pauline Goldsmith is concerned that Stephen Lloyd MP voted in support of the the gagging law ( Eastbourne Herald September 27).

Yes, we want to stop the big lobbyists from influencing the government, and so does our MP; but the government linked the lobbying Bill with gagging clauses, to target campaign groups and charities from being able to campaign in the year up to the election with a cap on spending.

At the second reading of the Bill many MPs spoke to amend itso that campaign groups and charities could still be free to lobby.

These groups are worried about this and inundated MPs with their concerns.

But with a three-line whip the amendments on campaigns and charities was lost.

Most MPs had not heard the arguments in the debate but voted against the amendments. How democratic is this? Was this undemocratic Bill mentioned on the TV news?

Do people know about this attack on our democratic rights to campaign?


Chair, Eastbourne for Peace and Liberty

Meads Road.