Original Towner Gallery: Act now before it’s too late

I NOW live in Wales but grew up in Eastbourne, where I lived at the Towner Art Gallery in Old Town for 10 years of my childhood while my father, John Gascoigne Lake, was curator of the gallery, from 1947 to 1958.

The recent letter from Helen Warren on the subject of saving the Georgian manor house building, and the postcard photograph, that I provided, of the Towner Art Gallery, taken in its heyday, have been forwarded to me today. I am thoroughly dismayed by news of the continuing dereliction of this once stately Georgian building, formerly housing the gallery.

It seems that, to date, no means or motivation have been great enough to restore this fine old building. It is being allowed to fall into dangerous and expensive disrepair. Instead of being one of the jewels in Eastbourne’s crown, it has been allowed to become a rotten eyesore.

I believe it is not too late, however, although prompt action is required.

Brenda Sorrell