Open-top bus tour a great pleasure

I SHARE the sentiments expressed in a recent letter to the Herald detailing the pleasures of taking a one-hour tour on the open-top buses.

The writer, Edward Thomas, suggested the public take advantage of the expected Indian summer to enjoy a trip on these red buses to be seen heading off from the Pier every half hour towards Beachy Head on an eight-mile round trip.

The scenery is indeed spectacular, enhanced by sun glimmering on the sea to one side and across the Downs to the other.

Being fascinated to make this journey on the last bus of the day when darkness had fallen (4.30pm) I was not disappointed, and repeated this several times.

One evening, we stopped at Birling Gap and saw a wonderful sunset and, further round, on Warren Hill, a full moon shining on the sea, with a glorious view of the lights of Eastbourne.

This is something not to be missed.

On another occasion visibility was poor but the driver was very careful, especially bearing in mind the horrendous accident on the M5 recently.

As the service draws to a close for this season I wish to extend my thanks to the six drivers (on various shifts, seven days a week) for the courteous and efficient service they have given both to me and hundreds of others.

I am now left with memories of heading over the Downs by day and by night, enormously enjoying the contrast given by the sun and the moon, calm sea, rough waves, natural summer daylight and winding our way over the Downs in complete darkness, with the lights of the bus on full beam to guide the way.


Darley Road