Open discussion on microbiology?

I DO not understand why there is not open discussion regarding microbiology at the Eastbourne District General Hospital. If the East Sussex Hospitals Trust’s board is that convinced it is the way forward why not answer concerns?

There has not been any debate in public in respect of this major change which appears to undermine essential services at our local hospital.

All discussion has been in private board meetings or committees which does not reflect the transparency to which we have been promised.

These changes which are proposed will seriously compromise how illnesses, such as meningitis are diagnosed. Added to which the adverse public health risk with infections, swine flu and the like, to me, are not acceptable.

The fact that the proposals for a change have been made by management consultants KPMG and not supported by the hospital’s own experts is alarming to say the least. If these proposals are so good, why doesn’t ESHT tell us why and debate this in public.

That is all that was being asked at the recent meeting and the chief executive Darren Grayson would not even answer concerns and questions raised which did not mention any sensitive information.

If it’s a matter of just saving money, lives cannot be compromised because of money. Even so these figures need to be scrutinised. As we know with maternity, what we were told didn’t always sit with the facts.

We would urge the hospital to listen to what the public and patients want – keep off our core services and any service, like microbiology, which will undermine any core service. With all that’s going on nationally as well we realise we can’t have everything but core services, including A&E, maternity and paediatrics, are not negotiable.

Liz Walke


Save the DGH Campaign