Olympic day trip to London was let down by Southern

I would just like to share a story on the contribution of Southern to my Olympic experience this week for possible publication in your paper.

After two wonderful trips to the Olympics last week, I had to endure journeys of three hours thirty minutes to get home to Eastbourne from London Bridge on both occasions. Whilst the first day was due to a line side fire outside of Southern Railways control, it was exacerbated by poor communication and the usual decision to feed regular services to Brighton and Littlehampton at the expense of Eastbourne services when things go wrong!

The second day was as a result of an Olympic timetable change. I am not sure how Southern can justify the claim on their website that for Olympic travellers, they are running “additional late night services from London Victoria to ……Eastbourne….”

For travellers to Eastbourne all this actually means is a deferred last service, resulting in a two hour gap between the 22:47 and the deferred 00:40 services from Victoria.

There are no ‘additional’ services, just a timetable change with a questionable benefit! (I doubt there would have been any passengers who could not have made it back from the Olympic Park to East Croydon to meet the original timetabled service!)

Accepting a two hour gap between services to Eastbourne at such a key time of night for Olympic travellers makes me feel that Southern did not try very hard at all to deliver an improved Olympic service.

It was a shame to have experienced two superb days of Olympic sport, a fantastically well managed transport system to clear the Olympic Park (the difficult part!), only to feel let down by Southern in getting back home to Eastbourne (in theory - the simple part!).”

John Dowsett, Selwyn Road.