Obtaining best for your children

HOW sad people are so single-minded about change and nothing abnormal in my back yard. We have worked with the JPK for 10 years raising funds for young adults with learning difficulties because the Government has not made adequate facilities for these youngsters.

I would suggest Mr Fitzgerald found out about our project before he tries to stop it happening.

I would suggest those who have objections come out in the open instead of hiding behind a committee, and discuss the real facts with Jill Parker who is working tirelessly to support the project.

It is very easy to criticise but unless you are one who has been blessed with a child with difficulties you cannot begin to understand how heart rendering it is to try and obtain the best for your child especially when you are no longer around to care and you come up with constant objections from people who cannot accept change and maybe have nothing better to do with their time.


Dittons Road, Polegate