Nursing at DGH ‘second-to-none’

MY mother was taken into the DGH very ill and all the staff did all they could for her.

Their compassion and understanding was second to none, but sadly after a week she passed away.

I would just like to say how hard those nurses work, one said to me that she worked a 12-and-a-half hour shift – no dinner break, just a cup of tea and a sandwich if she was lucky.

The problem as I see it is the executives who are there to make sure the hospital is running properly they are paid a lot of money to do this and it is quite clear to me that this is not happening, because if they were doing their job as they should be, there would not be any problems.

They always used to say, if it’s wrong at the top it is wrong at the bottom so there is your answer. don’t ever criticise the nurses because they do a very good job.

Gary Davies

Park Croft