Nothing ever seems to happen

CAN ANY Herald readers help please? What do our county and borough councillors actually do?

We know that from time to time they produce grandiose schemes, but nothing ever seems to happen.

n We have a shabby Congress Theatre festooned in scaffolding and which rarely shows clearly what is being performed and has starting times so early that visitors in the hotels cannot attend.

n We have more scaffolding round the Devonshire Park Theatre which, in spite of wonderful work by the Friends, is in need of outside renovation.

n We have an eight million pound contemporary arts centre which has been showing a distorted brick in the front display window.

n We have roads which are full of potholes and pavements full of broken slabs.

n We have a weather station that does not work

n We have a seafront restaurant that has outlived its time

n We have bandstand that is in need of a complete refit.

n Further along the seafront, the Redoubt wall is crumbling and the stucco needs repainting.

n Nearby is the ruin of Treasure Island.

n There is plenty of talk of enlarging the Arndale Centre but the present one cannot support all the shops.

n Terminus Road is full of empty shops and the old Co-op store stands empty.

n Parking charges are ruining Eastbourne.

n People are using out-of-town supermarkets and the excellent Langney Shopping Centre where one can park one’s car free close to the shops.

n What has happened to the millions of pounds that Airbourne and the parking meters are said to have generated?

Come on councillors, surely you can do better?