Nothing but praise for station walk-in centre

HAVING read the last section of Annemarie Field’s ‘Out in the Field’, I am compelled to take issue with the very damming section criticising so severely the walk in surgery at the station.

At the age of 85, after being very concerned about a worrying situation, I made a decision to go there.

The wait was approx 25 minutes, on a week day morning. Naturally the desk wanted details which were entered on the computer.

After a very in-depth examination by a nurse it was decided that I should see the doctor who was fulfilling a full working week, but note the hours the surgery is open from 8am - 8pm 365 days in the year - that includes Christmas day.

I was so impressed with the in-depth examination I received at a moment of real alarm, that I made a considered decision to leave the surgery that I had registered at in 1994.

The transfer was totally easy, no form filling and I was able to arrange the same lady doctor to watch over my health.

Needless to say, this lady doctor, whom I respect for her very thorough dedication, I am now able to see by booking in times when she is there, at a time which is physically comfortable for myself, now I am 87 plus.

I am not a particularly shrinking violet but I have always found all the staff extremely friendly, helpful and prompt in attending to one’s personal request.

This surgery is very well appointed, no pushing heavy doors, good cheerful comfortable chairs, adjoining a toilet and lift, and water for drinking.

Many residents have signed up to this walk-in station surgery.

Reading the distress caused to the 91-year-old gentleman I ask the question, were there no good neighbours or a relative who could have accompanied him?

His reported frailties means that he would have income support which would have financially been possible for this gentleman to obtain a part-time or full-time assistant through one of the many care service companies who offer such facilities.

I know because I was put in touch with one.

Alternatively how is it that this gentleman has not been contacted by Age Concern Eastbourne or even Neighbourhood Watch?


Furness Road