Not everyone loves sport

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Email your letters to us

From: Graham Kendall

Broad Oak Close

Once again normal broadcasting on BBC1 has been suspended due to a major sporting event, this time athletics.

Soon the football season will descend on us and similar disruptions will follow.

I have no objection to people watching other people running about, jumping up and down or batting or kicking balls about the place.

If that gives them pleasure then good luck to them.

But must those of us who have no interest in sports of any kind be subjected to such a barrage?

The BBC doesn’t receive advertising revenue so needn’t compete with the likes of Sky Sports or BT Sports etc.

There are currently hundreds of TV channels available, and more appearing every week it seems.

Isn’t it about time the BBC had a dedicated free-to-air sports channel (they could call it “BBC Sport”)?

Just a thought...