Not dealing with the real issues

AS CHAIRMAN of the MP’s Commission Transport Committee, I welcomed some of the remedial proposals to alleviate problems associated with parking in Eastbourne.

But I was disappointed that areas where traders are suffering extensively as a result of customers being forced to out-of- town retail outlets had not been addressed.

In particular the area around Langney Road is still of huge concern to the Commission as we are aware of the difficulties that traders are experiencing.

I am also very disappointed in the underhand tactics of using the so-called ‘consultation’ as a means to extend the footprint of the parking zone.

Areas on the periphery of the zones will always suffer as some people will park in these areas and walk into town to avoid costs. This is an obvious tactic forced on some lower-paid staff in the town but is also a tactic used by others who fundamentally disagree with the charges.

It is apparent to me that ESCC will simply respond to complaints by extending the footprint of the chargeable zone until such times you have to pay to park everywhere in the town!

I am also disappointed the so-called supportive measures such as park and ride have not been considered. If you revisit the original document from many years ago it was stated the main problem was 900 or so drivers who park long-term in the town centre and commute by train.

I can see no tangible measures to deal with this issue and the original intent of the scheme is therefore not being achieved.

All in all I consider that the long-awaited report has not been a useful spend of public money when it appears that the intent of the ‘consultation’ was simply to extend the pay to park area.

David Cooper


MP’s Commission