Not another go at the Sheikh

Having read the Eastbourne Herald of Friday September 27, my first reaction to your ‘Quackers’ headline was - not another authority getting at Sheikh Abid Gulzar.

Mr Gulzar has done so much good for Eastbourne and the surrounding area.

We had all the fuss over the ‘Lions’ now Pevensey levels with Natural England raising petty problems regarding the improvements that have been made to the levels.

Natural England is in no position to get at Mr Gulzar - it has ruined the South Downs at the Willingdon/Wannock end by fencing off areas and blocking footpaths that have been there for years.

If Natural England felt they had to return it to fields why couldn’t they have planted hedges which are much more environmentally friendly - by virtue of the name ‘Downs’ one would expect it to be free-running not fenced.

I feel Mr Gulzar, who has been so generous and has done so much good for the Eastbourne and Wealden areas should be treated with far more respect and understanding.

I only hope he does not ‘up-sticks’ and leave the area!


Wannock Lane.