Not a good use of council money

WITH the council cuts in mind, I was surprised to receive a letter from East Sussex County Council asking if I would like to attend a meeting which was outlined as follows.

It said, ‘Come along and talk to us about what is important to you and your ideas on how to improve older people’s quality of life’.

To start with, I take umbrage at being classed as ‘old’ as I am only 53.

Plus I do not think sending out these mailshots, with prepaid return envelopes, is a good use of vital council money.

Goodness knows how many of these letters have gone out across the county.

Also, ‘there will be travel expense forms available on the day for people to complete’ you get paid for your travel to the meeting too.

The ‘baby boomers’ generation are the luckiest retirees ever.

Louise Cave

Fairways Road