No wonder Eastbourne is in decline

During September, I wrote a lengthy letter regarding the appalling state of Eastbourne’s town centre and in particular the subject of litter.

Between the dates August 20 and 31, I took the liberty of sending a copy via email to Stephen Lloyd MP., The Eastbourne Society, Annemarie Field at the Eastbourne Herald and Upperton Town Councillor, Tom Liddiard.

To date, only the Eastbourne Herald has had the courtesy of sending a reply and the remaining three have not even bothered to send a confirmation of receipt.

So when I next wade through the debris in Terminus Road, I can reflect back and understand why Eastbourne is in decline, when not even the powers that be, who are constantly banging on about their love of Eastbourne, cannot take time out to reply to a simple article of criticism.

Should any reader require a copy of my article entitled ‘Eastbourne’s Rise and Fall’, contactme through my email address below.


St Anne’s Road.