No sympathy from woman in queue

On MONDAY (September 5) I was at the ‘cash only’ self-service checkout at Tesco in Lottbridge Drove at around lunchtime.

Beforehand I had drawn out some money from the cash machine outside to pay for the items. However, after I scanned the three items I went to take the money out of my bag to pay for the items only to find my purse missing – a thorough search of my bag unfortunately proved that it was indeed gone.

Fortunately I had a separate purse with my credit card in so I was able to use that to pay for the items instead at another checkout.

However, this slight disruption thoroughly displeased the blonde-haired woman, wearing a grey top who was in the queue behind me. She started tutting loudly, huffing and puffing and raising her eyes to the sky.

I apologised to her and explained what had happened, but this only made her roll her eyes more and tutt even more loudly and, to my surprise, she gave myself and my young daughter a filthy look and stormed past to the next available self-serve checkout.

So may I say, thank you lady in the grey top for your help and understanding – let’s hope you never find yourself in that situation one day.

I would like to thank, however, the very kind and understanding Tesco assistant who came to my rescue.

S Mitchell

Upperton Road