No reason why MP should resign

I WOULD like to reply to the letter ‘MP should resign after court case’ by Mr Parfitt-King (December 16). The letter reflects a view which doesn’t seem to be based on logic or rationality and therefore one can only assume it is based on prejudice.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Parfitt-King that our MP should not resign as a result of the recent High Court Judge’s decision.

Whether the use of language that was used by the Lib-Dems in their election campaign could be interpreted as defamatory or was in fact a ‘just and honest comment’ will be finally decided on appeal.

However, I am confused by the reason that is given in the letter as to why our MP should resign, which apparently should be on the ‘basis of policy’.

Is it that Mr Parfitt-King disagrees with Lib-Dem policies in general or that he dislikes the specific policies that Stephen Lloyd has promoted at local level?

Either way, the argument doesn’t make any sense.

A Lib-Dem MP was democratically elected by a sizeable majority (in spite of published rhetoric from all involved parties in campaign literature).

It is therefore illogical to expect an MP to resign on the basis of the policies of the political party he was elected to represent.

Also, whatever one’s political view, no one can deny that our current MP is passionate, dynamic and caring about Eastbourne.

He is obviously someone who works tirelessly for its well-being.

The policies that Stephen Lloyd has instigated at local level have all been well-intentioned and aimed at promoting Eastbourne.

It is irrational to expect a resignation based on these.

Who could ask anything more of any MP?

Just a few examples of Stephen Lloyd’s projects for this town include creating over 100 apprenticeships in 100 days, defending our hospital and introducing a ‘passport’ for Tennis Week so that local businesses benefit directly from this international event.

His commitment and enthusiasm for local organisations is second to none and demonstrated by his regular attendance at meetings etc.

He actually puts his money where his mouth is and commits his personal as well as his professional life to the town he is so passionate about.

God forbid if Stephen Lloyd should ever resign as our MP for whatever reason!


Milton Road.