No problems here on the buses...

I READ with interest Mike Allaway’s letter regarding the decline of the services offered by Stagecoach in Eastbourne.

I too would have preferred to have seen Brighton & Hove Buses take over the services from Eastbourne Buses, but the fact remains that their tendered offer was considerably less than that offered by Stagecoach, and when we are talking in millions the council has an obligation to its ratepayers to accept the better offer.

As regular users of the local buses, my wife and I have yet to come across any instances of rude, abrupt and unpleasant drivers.

I note that Mr Allaway encounters most of the problems on the Eastbourne-Bexhill-Hastings route, but I should point out in defence of Eastbourne drivers that routes 98 and 99 are crewed from Hastings.

Since the takeover in December 2008 the fleet has been modernised, and all the ex-Eastbourne Buses in poor condition disposed of.

The timetable changes last November were good news for the residents of South West Hailsham where I live, as we now have a half-hourly service to Tunbridge Wells and an hourly service to Uckfield, with the hourly service to Hastings continuing virtually unchanged.

In addition we have a more direct service to the east side of town via Stone Cross and Langney.

There will always be winners and losers at such a time, as I am sure North Hailsham residents in the London Road, Battle Road and Hawks Road areas are unhappy, having seen their services withdrawn or re-routed.

On the occasions when I have had cause to complain to Stagecoach’s local head office in Canterbury, I have received prompt and courteous replies.

Perhaps we’ve just been lucky.

Alan Hook

Carpenters Way