No-one to blame for misfortune

THE young woman who got into difficulty in the sea off Eastbourne on Good Friday deserves some sympathy, although her father’s complaint that there were no lifeguards on duty does not.

April 22 is mid-spring, not high summer, and a dip of the toe is enough to discover that the sea was 20 degrees below body temperature, which would have deterred most sensible people.

My wife, a strong swimmer, ventured in that day for a matter of seconds, and remained well within her depth.

In these cash-strapped times, the local authority has enough claims on limited funds without pandering to the culture of ‘we’ve suffered a misfortune so it must be someone else’s fault’.

The annoyance I felt at this disproportionate response was compounded by the distressing picture which accompanied the article, submitted by the distraught father, showing his daughter unconscious in her hospital bed – tasteless opportunism.

Brett Rayner

South Road