No excuse for bad behaviour

THROUGH your letters page I am hoping to reach the taxi driver that thinks it is acceptable to verbally abuse and threaten children.

Last Saturday afternoon (May 28).

My son was skateboarding with his friend on Kingsmere when he lost his footing and the skateboard went out into the road to then be run over and snapped in two.

This was a total accident of which my son takes full responsibility and he showed respect and courtesy by apologising and asking if the driver was OK.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about the taxi driver as his response was, “I’m all right but if you have messed up my car I will mess you up.” (That’s the printable version.)

I understand that the driver was probably very shaken but it does not excuse threatening behaviour towards a minor.

I am genuinely glad no one was hurt and your car was not damaged.

You however, should be glad that my son did not note your taxi company because if he had not only would I have reported you to them I would have then reported your threatening behaviour to the police.

S. Colwell