No consistency in sentencing with Jeremy Forrest

I must express great concern at the skewed justice shown in the recent Bishop Bell abduction and Stuart Hall cases.

Both men had committed offences which were rightly prosecuted. It is the disparity in the sentencing that shows no consistency.

Stuart Hall was a practiced serial sexual predator whose grotesque protestation of innocence outside the court after he was charged fortunately spurred numerous other victims to come forward.

His youngest victim was nine years old. His offences were carried out over many years. His age is irrelevant. This man thought he had got away with it for more than 30 years.

Fifteen months in prison is totally and disgracefully inadequate for such calculated offences and no comfort to his victims. The argument that it reflected the sentence allowable at the time of the offence is spurious. The maximum then was in excess of that.

In the case of Mr Forrest it can be argued rightly that he failed in his duty and demonstrated none of the qualities required in the trusted position of a teacher.

However his relationship with this pupil was common knowledge. Why on earth was no action taken by the school authorities or the parents to intervene? Why was the teacher not suspended or dismissed? All now a little too late for self righteous posturing about prom dresses.

What he did was wrong showing a total lack of emotional maturity and judgement but five and a half years compared to 15 months defies logic.


The Goffs.