No complaints from this visitor

I have just returned from spending Easter in Eastbourne and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so I was amazed the nearly three column letter from Sam Reid in your paper was belittling your town.

For years, Clacton on Sea has really been dying on its feet, i.e. a very small area of shops, some empty, a rubbish bus service, they have cut a lot out and the ones that are left can’t even run on time, two theatres which you can’t get to unless you have a car or use a taxi, and a leisure centre which is out of town.

The council want to close down our very important coastguard and cut back our lifeguards station.

Thankfully our pier owners have spent a lot improving it and are in the process of setting up a 10-pin bowling alley and various activities.

Our saving grace is our beautiful seafront gardens which are a delight all year round.

Day shoppers enjoy sitting there unless it rains of course. Our council have made no effort to cater for holiday makers when it rains. It seems any good ideas go by the board, they prefer to spend our money on “art.”

So you see, Mr Reid, you have nothing to complain about!

J. Thurston

Clacton on Sea