No apology after causing my fall

ON Thursday afternoon I caught a 4.36pm No 1A Stagecoach Shinewater Service from Trinity Trees stop.

As I was making my way to a seat at the rear of the bus, the driver started off with a jerk causing me to fall and hit my head on the steps.

I needed 12 stitches and also suffered bruising to my right knee, hip and eye.

To relieve the pain I am now having to take painkiller tablets.

Two young lady passengers assisted me to a seat and reassured me.

As I alighted from the bus at the Archery stop the drive closed the doors on me for a few seconds. No apology was forthcoming from him for the error.

I reported the incident in person on Friday to the Birch Road bus depot, but was told by the duty officer to whom I spoke that, as they no longer deal with personal callers, I should put details in writing, where it will be looked at in due course by a manager.

I asked how I could show the injuries in a letter and the answer was that this was the company procedure. This I have done, as well as a copy to the Canterbury Bus Station office for their information, and an apology; but it is highly unlikely that I will receive one. Talking with local paramedics they told me they were called out three times that Thursday morning to deal with passenger’s falls on the buses in the Victoria Drive area. I have suggested to the bus company that their drivers retake a driving refresher course in order to drive more safely in order to reduce injuries to passengers, often caused by drivers trying to make up time due to delays en route.

This is the third time that I have been thrown since Stagecoach took over the local bus service.

The A and E Department has seen an increase of patients suffering injuries whilst travelling on the local buses; putting extra strain on overstretched resources.

Peter Barker

Windermere Crescent