No answers to basic questions


From: Cllr John Ungar

East Sussex County Council (LibDem, Old Town)

I am writing to you following several letters in last week’s Herald (February 16).

I need to point out that it is Conservative controlled East Sussex County Council which is consulting on closing Milton Grange and Firwood House, not Liberal Democrat controlled Eastbourne Borough Council.

It is East Sussex County Council which has responsibility for Adult Social Care.

There has been no knee jerk reaction by Liberal Democrat councillors to East Sussex County Council’s plans. As a member of the East Sussex County Council Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee, I have looked at the plans for the massive cuts to Adult Social Care so have had time, even with the limited information provided, to understand the devastating effect.

I sympathise with the view that we need further information. Unfortunately, East Sussex County Council has not been able to give me answers to the most basic of questions, such as, ‘the number of people who have been admitted directly from the community’.

What a shocking situation where the county council cannot answer simple questions like this and yet decide to consult on closing these excellent establishments. I have now had to ask for answers to my simple questions under a Freedom of Information request. A most shocking fact has come to light, that the county council now admit that they have received a grant from the Government of £1.6 million to help with social care cost. This sum has not yet been allocated so why threaten the homes.

I hope that this offers some clarity for your readers on the issues.